My Review on the Smoothee SteadiCam

By ltnyu / January 25, 2017

Think back years ago when people used big-ass cameras that sits on their shoulder as they record life’s many events. Well those days are over, today we can record everything from our mobile phones. We can upload the photos within seconds to the internet, allowing all our friends and family to see what we are up to.

With more of us beginning to become amateur photographers and directors, whether you are recording your wedding or just life itself, it’s important to get the best video possible. You do not want your iconic moment or sick trick to be ruined by a shaky hand, do you?

The SteadiCam Smoothee offers a solid, reliable solution to this problem. Not only does it let you take videos at angles you would struggle to normally, but it removes the shake effect as the Steadicam is perfect for holding, in just about any way! It is like the baby of the Steadicam family built just for use with phones and GoPros.

It also takes about a minute to setup too, once you have it. It is arguably the easiest of all the Steadicam products to setup and use, all you do is pick up the device, wait for it to arrive, and place your GoPro on the mount. Simple and quick, you now have a steady and safe holder for your camera when you need to take that important moment, or find something that just had to be recorded!

Every unit shipped out is already pre-balanced, so there is little or no messing around trying to get it to work. I use the LCD Bacpack with my GoPro, so I moved the adjustable weight down and fiddled with the dials a little. Once you connect your GoPro, that is it ready to go!

I love it, it gives me super steady shots that need little or no work in post production. I have shaky hands so having a Steadicam Smoothee has made taking awesome video much easier for me.

Using a Smoothee takes a bit of practice. You hold the handle in one hand and support the gimble with the other to stop ot flying all over the place. It took me a few hours of getting used to the right way to hold it and trying to steady my movement as much as possible. I’ve done lots of playing with it. Have a look at the videos below for an idea of what to expect. Most of them are from my early days, although I think I still have much room for improvement.

If you really plan your shots and are clear what you want, you should be fine.

The mount was a little loose when clicked into the Smoothee, I just added a bit cardboard to pad it out and stop any small shakes. For just over £100 though it’s a steal, it will certainly make the difference to the quality of your productions.

The Steadicam Smoothee does what it says on the tin. It helps you take more professional videos, with some good post production you will be able to make stunningly creative videos. It will certainly help your videos stand out from the crowd.

I must admit my first unit had a defect and had to be returend, Amazon were great and sent me out another staright away, which I’ve had no problems with yet.

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