My Experience with Gimbal Mounts

By ltnyu / January 25, 2017

A gimbal mount allows you to mount a camera on top of your tripod without having to worry about instability. This is because this kind of mount uses a completely different balance mechanism from other models. The weight of the camera is balanced from above rather than from below, so that your camera doesn’t shift position unless you want it to.

I’ve actually experimented quite a bit with different types of film and photography equipment, including just about every tripod and mounting device on the market. And of all of them, gimbal mounts are some of the most stable and easy to use.

A gimbal mount attaches to your tripod, just like any other tripod head, but instead of attaching directly to your camera, it extends a metal arm in an upward “J” shaped arc. From this point, it extends a second arm attached to the actual plate that connects to your camera. This means that your camera’s center of gravity is far below the actual point of suspension. The bottom line? Even a very heavy camera will stay steady using this kind of mount.

I’ve used every type of tripod mounting device imaginable, from ball head tripods to monopods, but I like gimbal mounts the best. Sure you might have to put down a few hundred dollars to get one, but if you own an expensive camera, the added stability will be worth it. You don’t want to risk breaking a multi-thousand-dollar camera just because you don’t want to put down an extra hundred or two on a decent mounting device.

Besides, once you get a gimbal mount, you’re never going to want to go back. When you buy the best camera for your vlog journey, it is paramount that you include a stabilizer to get outstanding video quality. The quality of your work is sure to improve, and you’ll never miss a shot again as a result of a faulty tripod head.

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