Camera Stabilizers – The Best Rigs, Mounts, Cranes, Dollies & Everything Else

By ltnyu / January 25, 2017

Have you ever wondered how on earth most professional videographers manage to produce those top quality films without struggling with shaky video cameras? Well, the trick or secret is in those highly advanced and sophisticated stabilizer systems.

The current craze in the video camera world is video stabilization, which has turned a lot of shaky footages into professional works. These stabilizer systems are solely designed to steady motion images, and compensate for those little movements that always affect the quality of your production.

Camera stabilization system is also designed to sharpen your images; thereby helping you to achieve top quality crisp production just like the ones you watch in Hollywood all the time. The benefits of using this equipment are overwhelming especially when you consider the difficulty involved in putting video works together.

One of the benefits of camera stabilization systems is to help you move your production to the level of a top professional. Similar to the ones in Hollywood, this is the dream of most amateur videographers.

Camera stabilization also helps you to shoot in those difficult terrains without all the challenges that are usually associated with it. This boosts the quality of your output; giving your image a professional outlook.

With stabilizers; it is farewell to shaky footages, and blurry images that make your work look like that of an amateur.

Camera stabilization also reduces your work load; thereby allowing you to focus on other shooting jobs you have to do.

Finding The Right Kind Of Camera Stabilizer

Finding the right kind of stabilizer may not be the easiest of jobs especially if you are a newbie. There are lots of camera stabilizers out there with amazing and sophisticated features to blow your mind. Each of those stabilizers in the market has its own merits as well as well as downsides. However, the good news is that those stabilizers are designed to enhance or alter the quality of your video output.

A lot of factors determine the kind of camera stabilizer to choose; especially when it has to do with the type of footage you have in mind.

Rig Type Camera Stabilizer

For anyone interested in shooting documentaries, events or news or any similar project; the best option is always the rig type camera stabilizer. These kinds of stabilizers are designed for capturing moments; and are not designed to be handled for more than half an hour per use.

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Shoulder Mount

A shoulder mount rig stabilizer on the other hand is designed to handle video projects such as reality series, movies and projects that last longer hours. With proper use, this kind of camera stabilizer is able to make your work have similar output at as a tripod.


Another set of camera stabilizers that you might want to consider is the Dolly type rig. This camera stabilizer is perfect for you if you are planning to shoot through hallways, and through terrains. However, this type of camera can be a bit expensive, the fact that it is capable of providing similar effect as a handheld stabilizer such as Gimbal and Steadicam.

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